Under the Weather–Educational Article–Crepuscular Rays

April 2, 2012

Crepuscular Rays are magical. They appear in the sky when the clouds part and make you feel as if you can hear angels singing. Perhaps that’s why they’re also known as “God’s Rays.”

Technically, Crepuscular Rays are rays of sunlight that shoot through gaps in the clouds, generally stratocumulus clouds. They often occur around dawn or dusk, as in the photograph below, which was taken just before sunset in January, 2011, near Rio Rancho, New Mexico. In fact, Crepuscular means “twilight” in Latin! The reason these glorious rays appear at these times is because there is often a separation between dark clouds and lighter sky at these times.

Rays of light that shoot through lower clouds, as in the photographic example, are sometimes called “Jacob’s Ladder.”
Photo by Darla Sue Dollman

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